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Employee Safety

Incentivize Employee Safety Using A Reward Program

Businesses who have a strong safety culture to promote and encourage healthy living and proper safety procedures reduce injury and illness costs by 20% on average. Safety awards, if constructed appropriately, can decrease on-premises accidents, lower insurance or worker compensation claims, increase attendance and productivity, and improve morale and employee retention.


Key Statistics

  • Indirect costs of an injury are 10 times the actual incident cost
  • The average cost per injury is $10,000
  • New hires or temp employees are 5 times as likely to be injured on the job
  • 30% of workers are dissatisfied with workplace stress

Safety Awards

Specific goals and measurements will vary depending on the industry or business, but what’s most important about crafting a safety awards program is that communication and training be readily provided and that the main objectives are to be reached as a team. Individual employees who go above and beyond should be recognized and rewarded to foster a culture of accident and injury minimization throughout the corporate culture.

Our Solution

Good Job Card

For recognition compensation, we provide a cost-effective solution in the form of a company-branded Visa, or Mastercard Reward Cards that can be reloadable as needed. These cards will provide an incentive to employees to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Less Accidents – Employees receive bonuses over time provided everyone continues to be accident free
  • Zero Incidents – No preventable equipment damage or lost/stolen property
  • Observational Reporting on potential safety hazards
  • Environmental accident prevention
  • Completion of safety training