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Employee Health & Wellness

Visa Incentive Cards For Health & Wellness Programs

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, on average health benefits represent 7.6% of an employee compensation. The average cost per employee for healthcare and all related costs is currently over $10,000. With rising healthcare costs, this cost is not likely to decrease, hence employers are taking action and implementing wellness incentives to reward employees for healthy living.

A wellness program conducted year-round with proper management will on average save a company $3 for every $1 spent! Savings are recognized by:

Health and Wellness Cards

  • Lowering insurance costs
  • Reducing time off for illnesses
  • Reducing workers’ compensation claims
  • Lowering disability costs
  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving retention rates

Key Statistics

  • 70% of illnesses that result in time off are preventable
  • Obesity health service costs are 36% higher than those of fit individuals
  • Two thirds of Americans are considered overweight or obese
  • Workplace stress results in over $200 billion each year in loss of productivity & absenteeism
  • High blood pressure & cholesterol account for 25% of total medical costs
  • Smokers visit healthcare professionals up to six times more than non-smokers

Our Solutions

To recognize and reward employees with healthy habits, we provide a cost-effective solution in the form of a company-branded prepaid Visa®, or MasterCard® Rewards Cards that can be redeemed in a variety of health and fitness centers. These cards will provide an incentive to employees to take actions or participate in programs that lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Basic Training

Simple action items that nearly any size company can incorporate:

  • Weight loss contests
  • Free flu shots
  • Smoke free policy
  • Smoking cessation program
  • Company sponsored sports activities
  • Walking programs

Extreme Fitness

Coordinated efforts & investments ideas for larger organizations:

  • Gym memberships
  • Onsite blood pressure & cholesterol testing
  • Health Risk & Wellness Assessments
  • Easy access to healthier foods
  • Onsite Yoga or aerobics classes
  • Access to personal trainers or mentors