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Reward Employee Achievement With Incentive Cards

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Branded and Personalized Visa® and Mastercard® Employee Recognition Cards

  • Customized programs to meet your needs
  • On-demand printing and fulfillment facility
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Key Statistics

A 5% increase in employee retention can generate a

25% to 85% increase in profitability

Source: Harvard Business Review

41% of customer loyalty is attributed to positive employee attitudes

Source: MCA Brand Ambassador

70% of brand perception is determined by experience with employees

Source: Ken Irons, Market Leader


Our Solution

The good news is that these issues can be minimized if the employer provides recognition programs with these concerns in mind. There are a number of specific employee reward programs that address these issues in a cost-effective manner:

  • Years of Service or Anniversary
  • Training or Certification Incentives
  • Peer-to-Peer Recognition
  • Yearend Bonus or Holiday Gifts

These programs provide employees with a tangible sense of appreciation and can apply to everyone in the company. The key requirement of these Employee Incentive programs is to make sure that the communication is in place so that when an employee is recognized it is effectively communicated to all their peers, whether through an email or a post in a company Intranet that everyone has access to.

For financial compensation, we provide a cost-effective solution in the form of a company-branded prepaid Visa®, or MasterCard® Rewards Cards. This way the employee will keep that card with them as a constant reminder that the company cares about them and they will continue to be rewarded for their loyalty and dedication.