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Give Joy Quickly With Virtual Reward Accounts

Bulk Order Visa® & Mastercard® Reward Virtual Accounts

When your rewards need to be immediate OmniCard Rewards Virtual Account is a Reward Visa or Mastercard Account that is delivered to your recipients electronically rather than being printed on a physical card. The Visa or Mastercard Rewards Virtual Account can only be used for online purchases or over the phone transactions wherever Visa debit cards or Debit Mastercard is accepted. Rewards Virtual Account are perfect for rewarding your employees or customers instantly and reducing the logistics involved with shipping. Our clients typically use this reward product for online contests, promotions, website survey awards, or for a target audience that is more Internet savvy. Need a Visa Gift Virtual Account for personal use? Visit our sister site GiftCards.com for orders less than fifty accounts.

Step 1 – Send the Virtual Account

  • Place an order for the number of Rewards Virtual Account needed with denominations of $20 up to $750 each
  • You get a list of unique website links for each Rewards Virtual Account
  • Download your list of links and send them to your recipients

Step 2 – Recipient Claims their Rewards Virtual Account

  • The recipient must provide their name & address to retrieve their Visa or Mastercard Virtual Account information

Step 3 – The Rewards Virtual Account Number is provided

  • Once registered, the recipient is given their Visa or Mastercard Rewards Virtual Account information
  • They can use that link you provided anytime to retrieve this information
  • Tips are provided on how to make purchases

Step 4 – Start Shopping

  • The Visa or Mastercard Rewards Virtual Account information is entered online as a normal Visa or Mastercard card during checkout
  • The Billing Address requested by the shopping cart is the address the recipient entered when claiming their reward
  • Purchases are limited to the amount the Rewards Virtual Account was issued for

Other Facts:

  • This product can only be used up to the value on the Rewards Virtual Account
  • Most online merchants do not accept two forms of payment. So if the user has a $20 Rewards Virtual Account & want to make a $30 purchase, they typically will not be able to use the Rewards Virtual Account for that purchase
  • The product cannot be used for online merchants who charge an ongoing subscription or membership amount
  • The Mastercard or Visa Rewards Virtual Account product will not work for online merchants who provide a cash access option such as PayPal
  • OmniCard API Solutions are available to help accelerate and automate your Rewards Virtual Account program.