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Send the Reward of Choice with OmniCodes

Plastic or Virtual? or iTunes?
Restaurants or Golf? Let them decide.
With OmniCodes, offer recipients a choice of reward products
based on the goals of your program.

See How Much You Can Save

Rewards for employee and marketing programs often go unused. OmniCodes automatically returns funds for unredeemed codes back to you.

Try out our savings calculator to see what this could mean for your budget.

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Program Highlights

Provide a different kind of rewards program with OmniCodes. Both you and your recipients benefit.

Choice Icon


Recipients choose from your custom selection of rewards.

Optimized Investment Icon

Optimized Investment

Unredeemed card load returned to you.

Speed Icon


Buy and distribute codes within minutes.

Simplicity Icon


Shipping details are provided by recipients.

Insight Icon


Monitor redemption rates and product selection.

Choose from Top Brands Including:

Cracker Barrel
The Home Depot
Game Stop
Barnes And Noble

API Support

OmniCodes are supported in the OmniCard API platform. Our industry-leading solution provides:

  • Support for a wide variety of prepaid card products
  • Quality documentation and technical support
  • Custom technical solutions

Branded Redemption Sites

Customize the OmniCodes redemption site and recipient emails with your own branding.

Branded Redemption Sites