Terms and Conditions for American Express® Gift Cheques

IMPORTANT: Read the Agreement carefully. By either buying, signing, accepting or using this American Express Gift Cheque, you agree to everything written here. You agree (a) To sign your Cheques immediately in the upper left corner, (b) Not to resell, consign, or take any similar action to transfer your Cheques to any other individual, company or entity for resale or any illegal use.

REFUND: American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.  ("Amexco") will refund the amount shown on any lost or stolen Gift Cheque in accordance with applicable laws and only if you meet all of the requirements below:

BEFORE LOSS: You HAVE SIGNED the Gift Cheque in the upper left corner in permanent ink. You HAVE NOT SIGNED the Gift Cheque in the lower left corner. You HAVE NOT GIVEN the Gift Cheque to another person or company to hold or keep, or as part of a fraudulent scheme. You HAVE NOT USED the Gift Cheque in violation of any law, including as part of an illegal bet, game of chance, or other prohibited action. Your Gift Cheque HAS NOT BEEN TAKEN by court order or by government action. You HAVE SAFEGUARDED the Gift Cheque as a prudent person would safeguard a like amount of cash. 

AFTER LOSS: You promptly NOTIFY Amexco of the loss or theft of the Gift Cheque. You promptly REPORT all acts of the loss or theft to Amexco and also to the police if Amexco asks you to. You promptly INFORM Amexco of the serial number of the lost or stolen Cheque, the name and address of the person who gave you the Cheque, and the approximate date of its purchase.

You promptly COMPLETE Amexco’s refund forms and provide Amexco with acceptable proof of your identity. You GIVE Amexco all reasonable information and help requested to make a complete investigation of the loss or theft. Amexco reserves the right to investigate the loss or theft and to verify compliance with this Recipient Agreement and shall not be responsible for any delays resulting from such an investigation.

NO STOP PAYMENT: Amexco cannot stop payment on any Gift Cheque.


Please note that for quality assurance purposes your telephone call to Amexco may be monitored or recorded and that you consent to such monitoring and recording.