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Use Prepaid Cards For Your Next Rebate Program

The OmniCard Difference

Branded and Personalized Visa and MasterCard Rebate Cards

  • Customized programs to meet your needs
  • On-demand printing and fulfillment facility
  • Dedicated account executive with 24 x 7 cardholder support
  • Automate your process and integrate with other systems with full API suite

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Half of all major retailers & manufactures use rebates as part of their normal product promotions. Consumers are looking for deals and provided the promotion value is larger than the competitors product cost, a rebate offering will help the customer choose your product. Each year 70% or more Americans take advantage of a rebate offer at least once.

Unfortunately though some businesses look at rebates as a hook to draw customers in for the initial purchase and make the redemption process too cumbersome in the hopes that a large percentage of consumers won’t redeem in time. As a result, many people are leery of rebates and would rather pay a few bucks more for a competitors products to get their savings immediately. Over 20% of people who submit their claim don’t receive their rebate payment which is typically due to a technicality not followed in the fine print. Understandably a large percentage of these consumers feel cheated and thus have a negative opinion of the product or company.

We believe that if the redemption process is easy and the payment is quick that the long term payoff is substantially higher than the cost savings of unclaimed rebates. In our electronic age, there is little reason why most rebate claims can’t be submitted online quickly. Offering online redemption will increase the number of submitted claims but it will reduce data entry costs, turnaround time, and customer satisfaction. It also provides you the opportunity to market additional products or services to the customer while they are on your website.

Payment Solutions:

  • Branded MasterCard or Visa Prepaid Rebate Cards: Sent within 2 business days
  • Branded Virtual Visa Rebates: Delivered immediately electronically for online use only
  • Private Label Prepaid Cards limited by:
    • Specific Merchants
    • Geographical Regions
    • Specific Shopping Categories

Claim Services:

  • Online claim entry & validation
  • Physical claim data entry & processing
  • Post fulfillment marketing opportunities
  • Customer support

Check Cutting Costs

The cost to cut checks internally typically ranges between $9.00 – $25.00 per check based on the size of the company. There are over 30 variable costs associated with check issuance. Here are the four major cost buckets associated with check processing:

Paper & Handling Costs$0.80 per$2.40 per$1.60 per
Printing & Authorization Costs$6.05 per$14.90 per$10.48 per
Distribution & Delivery Costs$1.29 per$3.16 per$2.23 per
Admin & Reconciliation Costs$1.15 per$4.30 per$2.73 per
TOTAL$9.29 per$24.76 per$17.04 per