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Performance Award ProgramsPerformance Award Programs

Prepaid Visa Or MasterCard Sales Spiffs & Incentives

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Branded and Personalized Visa and MasterCard Award Cards

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Sales Spiffs

Red Roof Card

Sales Incentives are not meant to replace a commission program but rather to get a bump in
revenue for specific targets. Goals may include:

  • Bonuses for pushing specific products or services
  • Upgrades or complimentary services
  • New product launches
  • New markets or industries to be served
  • Competitive displacement

Customer Service Rewards

Yodle Card

In the U.S. companies lose over $83 billion in revenue every year due to poor customer service.
Customer retention starts on the front lines. Here are some ideas to reward your customer
service staff to retain customers:

  • Positive customer reviews or feedback
  • Conflict resolution
  • Off-hours Product or Service education
  • Reduce average hold time

Team Achievement

Tam International Card

Product or project teams have a tendency to lean on one or two individuals to complete the
majority of the work. Issuing a reward for reaching specific goals helps to get everyone on
the team involved. Samples of team goals may include:

  • Product development completing projects ahead of schedule
  • Quality Assurance teams reaching zero defect
  • Production team limiting inventory costs
  • Human Resources decreasing employee turnover

Innovation Awards

Sailing Card

Engage your employees to drive innovation. Organizing engagement helps to encourage
employees who are not typically vocal to share their great ideas and providing rewards and
recognition helps to encourage that behavior. Collaboration amongst employees can be broken
down in a variety of ways such as:

  • An open forum for all employees to suggest ideas by topic
  • Organizational challenges communicated to employees to elicit solutions
  • Having employees spend a day working in another division for fresh perspectives

Lead Generation

Interstate Card

Companies are always looking for new sources to increase customers or revenue. Sometimes
there are opportunities in divisions within a company outside of sales & marketing to bring in
leads. Some creative examples follow:

  • Service technicians noticing a customer may have a need for a product or service
  • Referral bonus for recommending a new employee
  • Social Marketing campaigns for employees to help spread the word to their friends & family
  • Create an employee blog network

Employee Motivation & Productivity

Implementing performance metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to gauge effectiveness is a great way to quickly identify top performers and which employees could use extra training or coaching to increase their output. There are thousands of KPI’s based on industry & department. Some high level examples of performance measurements that organizations put in place include:

  • Productivity Metrics: Measurement of repetitive tasks such as assembly line production or data entry
  • Training: Measuring how effective each training program is through a test or evaluation to help adjust the program
  • Quality Metrics: Make sure increase in productivity doesn’t mean an increase in mistakes
  • New Process Adoption Rate: Are employees utilizing newer tools, technology or processes that are provided?