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Consumer Cards

Through our sister companies and OmniCard we offer consumer card products that can be tied to your loyalty program. A consumer card is typically funded by the end customer, however there are options where a company can add funds to the card as part of a reward or loyalty program. This allows you to drive consumer actions or purchases to a desired location in return for a reward or incentive that can go back on the consumers card.

There are two variations of our consumer cards.

Gift Cards

Includes Visa, MasterCard, or Discover prepaid gift cards.

  • All Cards have a 7-year expiration term & follow the CARD ACT guidelines
  • Gift Cards can be branded with a company logo & artwork
  • Discover Gift Cards can be filtered to only be used at specific retailers, merchant categories, or geographical locations
  • Cards are non-reloadable and cannot be redeemed for cash
  • Maximum load value per card is $500
  • We provide a branded site for online purchases
  • Selling our gift cards in a retail location is available upon an approval process & minimum commitments

Reloadable Consumer Card

This a white labeled version of our OmniCard MasterCard General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) card.

  • Variety of expiration terms based on the program
  • Cards can be branded with a company logo & artwork
  • Consumers can load their card via direct deposit, at Western Union, or at a Green Dot location
  • Cards can be used at an ATM to obtain cash (fees apply)
  • We can provide a branded card management portal for an additional fee
  • Aggregate spend data reporting is available
  • We have a thorough review process to work with an organization for this product and minimum commitments