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Branded Reward Cards

Custom Visa Or MasterCard Prepaid Cards For Gifts & Rewards

Expand Your Brand

A Visa or MasterCard Branded Reward Card is the perfect way to extend your company’s brand to your employees, customers, or partners. Providing check payments as a reward or incentive is expensive and easily forgotten by the recipient. Giving a product or future discount is often not motivating enough to drive consumer or employee actions. Giving a MasterCard or Visa Rewards Card with your logo on it provides more benefits to both your company and the recipients including:

  • A constant reminder of your company in the recipient wallet or purse
  • It’s less expensive than issuing checks & more convenient for the reward recipient
  • You are giving your recipients choice to spend the card on what’s important to them
  • Increases word-of-mouth marketing
  • Sending a reward card provides you the opportunity to communicate with the recipients after fulfillment has taken place
  • Reloadable cards available for convenient distribution of ongoing recipient rewards

We offer 3 branded card styles to choose from:

Classic CoBrand

  • Design from our gallery
  • One color logo
  • One time fee: $500

Background Gallery

Classic Cobrand

Professional CoBrand

  • Design from our gallery
  • Full color logo
  • One time fee: $750

Background Gallery

Professional Cobrand

Premium CoBrand

  • Custom Design
  • Full color logo
  • One time fee: $1,000

Download Specs

Premium CoBrand

Getting Started:

Because we control our own printing facility we are able to turn-around any Branded Reward Card style faster than our competitors. Please note that each new card design is thoroughly reviewed to ensure that it complies with Visa or MasterCard branding requirements and general best practices. On average, here are the typical requirements and timeframe to launch:

  1. Create an OmniCard Account, login & upload your cards artwork, fill out an application, provide the set up payment, and sign off – 1 Day
  2. Our compliance team will review your card design & application and provided there are no questions, we will submit it to Visa or
    MasterCard for approval – 1 Day
  3. Visa or MasterCard review – 2-5 Days
  4. Print test card and set your branded reward card live – 1 Day

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