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Corporate MasterCard® Rewards & Loyalty Cards

Acquisition and retention, whether it’s customers or employees, are some of businesses op challenges. Multiple studies show that acquiring a new customer or employee is always more costly than retaining one. This explains the importance of solid Rewards and Loyalty programs, which can significantly lower costs and grow revenues, thus maximizing productivity.

OmniCard’s mission is to provide Reward and Loyalty card products and services in order to maximize business productivity. We offer customized solutions through MasterCard.

Our Solution

Invisible Fence and Green Card

We have a variety of products and programs that can be customized to achieve the success your business needs. We deliver branded reward and loyalty cards that serve both as incentives and brand statements to remind your employees and/or customers of your brand every time they use these cards.

  • Personnel Recognition and Retention programs
  • Performance Incentives programs
  • Health & Wellness programs
  • Customer Acquisition and Retention programs
  • Sales Organization Support programs
  • Promotional programs
  • Loyalty and Rebate programs