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Loyalty CardsLoyalty Cards

The OmniCard Difference

Branded and Personalized Visa and Mastercard Loyalty Reward Cards

  • Customized programs to meet your needs
  • On-demand printing and fulfillment facility
  • Dedicated account executive with 24 x 7 cardholder support
  • Automate your process and integrate with other systems with full API suite

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About Loyalty Cards

Loyal customers are extremely important to brands since they are advocates who completely stand behind your product or service. In order to build customer loyalty, you must take the time to communicate clearly and show customers you care.

Loyalty programs are important since holding on to existing customers is more cost-efficient than obtaining new ones. Take into consideration Parento’s 80/20 rule. The rule states that only 20% of regular clients make up 80% of your revenue, which makes having loyal customers a crucial part of any business. By holding on to those who are loyal, you are creating not only purchasers, but promoters of your product or service.

In order to keep customers happy there are a number of loyalty programs that can be put into place. Depending on your business initiatives and customer base, one strategy may work better for you than others.

Some loyalty card programs that may work for you may include:

  • Appeasement: Reward an unhappy customer for their troubles when they have a poor experience in order to turn them into a brand advocate
  • Purchase Frequency Bonuses: Reward customers for purchasing more often
  • Annual Recognition: Show customers you care by rewarding them on their customer anniversary date
  • Self-Service Rewards: Reward customers for following directions and finding solutions on their own instead of calling customer service for minor issues
  • Advocates Program: Reward already loyal customers when they spread the word about your company via social media or word-of-mouth.