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Incentive-CardsIncentive Cards

The OmniCard Difference

Branded and Personalized Visa and MasterCard Incentive Cards

  • Customized programs to meet your needs
  • On-demand printing and fulfillment facility
  • Dedicated account executive with 24 x 7 cardholder support
  • Automate your process and integrate with other systems with full API suite

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About Incentive Cards

Incentives are normally used to either acquire new customers or hold on to existing customers. Prepaid reward cards are perfect for larger, competitive companies who want to reward customers in order to keep them from purchasing elsewhere. Coupons and discounts are great, but cash incentives are always valued. Giving customers a prepaid card with your brand on it will keep your company on their minds for a longer period of time than a different type of incentive, such as a check or coupon, would.

Using a reward program can also be a customer incentive. Rewards for acquisition, promotions, retention or even rebates may make a difference to your customer base and business as a whole.