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Employee Recognition ProgramsEmployee Recognition Programs

The OmniCard Difference

Branded and Personalized Visa and Mastercard Employee Recognition Cards

  • Customized programs to meet your needs
  • On-demand printing and fulfillment facility
  • Dedicated account executive with 24 x 7 cardholder support
  • Automate your process and integrate with other systems with full API suite

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About Employee Recognition Programs

Holding on to talented employees is vital to keeping an organization running smoothly. Three common reasons for employee resignation, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), are lack of recognition for their company impact, lack of awareness of their importance to the organization and the feeling that they are not compensated fairly for their efforts and expectations.

Luckily, the departure of employees for these reasons can be minimized if employee recognition programs are put into place within an organization. Many of these programs can be implemented cost-efficiently. By offering rewards for years of service, training, certification or even holiday bonuses, employees will feel important. By utilizing our company-branded prepaid Visa®, or MasterCard® Rewards Cards, employees will think of their workplace each time it is used.