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Visa® & MasterCard® Prepaid Cards

Merchant Rewards & Loyalty Cards

The OmniCard Advantage

API Solutions for Prepaid Reward Cards

Brand Your Own Currency

Cost effective for you ... memorable for them.

Incentive Cards Your Way. Fast. Simple.

Automate & Customize Your Incentive Program

Branded Cards. Reloadable Cards. Breakage-Free Cards. Virtual Cards. Get the custom prepaid Visa & Mastercard that's right for your incentive program.
Provide more than cash. Create a memorable experience. We have a premier selection of national brands for your rewards cards and loyalty cards.
Leverage our API suite to eliminate errors and accelerate delivery of your prepaid reward cards. Our industry-leading solution provides:

  • Robust and mature API platform
  • Quality documentation and support
  • Custom technical solutions
telephone 866-353-4877
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